Venue:Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre
Working Hours: Thursday, Friday, Sunday 11:00-20:00, Saturday 11:00-21:00
Entry: For Trade Visitors & the general public
Admission:Free admission for Trade Visitors, €5 for the general public and €3 for University students.
Number of previous Events31

brief description of the Event:

Over the course of its history, INFACOMA has become established as the largest and most important international exhibition on construction materials, dominating both the internal exhibition market and the market of Southeastern Europe.

Despite the difficult political-economic circumstances, the 30th INFACOMA 2013 managed to retain its dynamism and constituted the only exhibition on the construction sector held in Greece.

The main goals of the exhibition are:

  • Increasing visitor numbers
  • Enhancing the international character of the exhibition by increasing the number of foreign buyers
  • Carrying out targeted promotion of the exhibition both in Greece and abroad.

The 31st INFACOMA 2014 was held concurrently with the 6th ENERGY TECH, creating new expectations for a successful exhibition ‘duo’. 

Indicative Results of an Exhibitor and Visitor Survey:
Cumulative Data on the Fair:

Foreign Hosted Buyers graded ‘INFACOMA’ on a scale ranging from 1 to 10. Of the total answers supplied, 63% are in the 7 to 9 range, while only 28% graded the Exhibition with 5 and 6. Finally, 7% graded the exhibition as excellent (10). 

Chart: Evaluation of INFACOMA 2015

As regards the degree of achievement of the initial goals set by the Exhibitors for their participation in ‘INFACOMA 2015’, the general picture indicates very good and good accomplishment of these goals. More specifically, the goal of information (for the Exhibitors to receive and provide information) exhibits high accomplishment percentages, with 77.5% of Exhibitors considering it very good and good (43.8% and 33.7%, respectively). A significant percentage of 5.6% also consider it excellent, while the percentage that do not believe the goal was achieved at all is zero.

79.3% of Exhibitors consider that the goal of promoting their enterprise was achieved to a very good and good extent, while a significant percentage of 4.3% consider that it was achieved to an excellent extent. The percentage of Exhibitors who do not believe this goal was achieved at all is exceptionally low (1.1%).

The goal of creating contacts in order to achieve orders from new customers also exhibits particularly high satisfaction percentages. Thus, 53.4% of Exhibitors consider that this goal was achieved to a very good and good extent. A percentage of 4.5% also consider that this goal was achieved to an excellent extent, while only 1.1% consider that this goal was not achieved at all.

Finally, 58.5% of Exhibitors consider that their other goals (renewing contacts with old clients) were achieved to a very good and good extent. The percentage of Exhibitors reporting excellent accomplishment of goals came to 12.4%.

Chart: Extent of accomplishment of Exhibition goals

35.6% of Exhibitors intend to participate in the next Event, while 60.0% may participate in the next Event. On the contrary, just 4.4% of Exhibitors do not intend to participate in the next ‘INFACOMA’. 

In general terms, the percentage of Exhibitors who intend to participate in the next Exhibition is particularly high, considering the difficulties that this sector has been facing over the last years, which highlights the success of this year’s INFACOMA.

Chart: Participation in a subsequent Exhibition

A very high percentage (94.7%) of the Exhibitors of ‘INFACOMA 2015’ believe that their participation in the Exhibition will result in additional activity for their enterprise in the future (after the Exhibition has ended), while only 5.3% believe the opposite.

Chart: Do you believe your participation in the Exhibition will result in additional activity for your enterprise in the future?

When asked “Did you conclude commercial agreements during your visit to the Exhibition?”, 20% of Visitors responded in the positive.

Chart: Conclusion of Commercial Agreements

The top country of origin of Foreign Hosted Buyers appears to be Cyprus (54%), followed by Russia with 31% and Romania with 15%. 

Chart: Country of origin of Hosted Buyers

It is impressive that the meetings between Hosted Buyers and the Exhibitors of ‘INFACOMA 2015’ were deemed as fruitful by a percentage of 91%. Only 9% did not consider the meetings to be fruitful.

Chart: Effectiveness of meetings with Exhibitors