DPOINT GREEN VILLAGE is the green event organized by tif HELEXPO and Interiors from Greece and focused on sustainability, energy saving and new sources assessment.

Moreover, it gives emphasis on the contribution of energy saving installations and home automation in the design of low energy consumption buildings, so as for the future Smart Cities to be formed. The event will take place together with the Infacoma and Aqua-Therm fairs, in Hall 13 of the Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Conference Center.


More specifically, in February 11-14 of 2016, DPOINT GREEN VILLAGE will be covering over 400sm of the Exhibition Center while its main interactive cores will be the Green Conference, DPOINT GREEN CONFERENCE and the special installation, 0+ house. A series of meetings, workshops, product and project presentations will be in the foreground, with regard to sustainability, alternative energy sources and green lifestyle in general.
Not a trade show but a way of communicating all new ecologic facts in constructions and sustainable buildings, through a line of themes involving current energy challenges on the development of new technologies and skills concerning concepts of eco-sustainability, bio-building, urban regeneration, energy saving.

During the DPOINT GREEN CONFERENCE certain remarkable professionals of the sector will speak in order to shed light on green constructions. Sustainability and alternative energy sources are brought into focus and decoded.

At the same time, the special installation 0+ house, designed by the architectural practice P. Makridis + Associates, is the first, modular house and reflects all modern practices and methods that lead to a more ecological lifestyle where sustainability, energy saving and pilot building methods prevail.
DPOINT GREEN VILLAGE helps institutes, designers and constructors to comprehend new concepts such as sustainable buildings, passive housing and urban regeneration.goal of DPOINT GREEN VILLAGE is to provide to designers and companies all practical information and innovative technical solutions on constructions by saving or even producing energy. 

0+ HOUSE: the first innovative modular, prefab ecologic house

Imagine of a house which you make according to your needs and modify it according to the future conditions that may arise.

Imagine of the same house being able to save energy and money, water and first materials by forming a role model house of nearly zero energy consumption and complying with the sustainability principles.
Discover new methods of flexible and financial building ways as well as the most contemporary and advanced Greek and foreign ecologic building materials.
Discover new values in the way of living which is primarily involved with the environment.

Find yourselves enchanted by the progress of technology and its application in residencies and explore its contribution in energy and natural sources saving.