Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency Improvement Applications in Buildings


In the context of the INFACOMA-AGUATHERM ATHENS 2017 International Exposition that will take place in Athens, at the HELEXPO Exposition Centre in Marousi from the 2th to the5th of March 2017HAMME (HELLENIC ASSOCIATION OF MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS) hosts a workshop with main topic:
“Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency Improvement Applications in Buildings”
The workshop will take place on Saturday, 04/03/2017, from 11:00 am to 15:00 pm
Upon the revision of the Greek Regulation for Building Energy Efficiency with the application of the new law 4342/2015 for energy audits, HAMME hosts a workshop with main topic the new opportunities and possibilities that emerge in the field of energy-saving and renovation of buildings in Greece in the optimal techno - economic way that also offers high reciprocation. Also, the aim of the workshop is to inform our colleague engineers on the new demands and specifications of the Building Energy Efficiency Regulation and the Energy Audits Guide.
Priority Areas
The main topics of the workshop include the following proposals:
  1. Demands Optimization for the building shell and the heating/cooling/air-conditioning facilities – Building Energy Efficiency Regulation review. Sotirios Karellas, deputy Professor, NTUA
  2. Building Shell: optimal insulation thickness and financial efficiency of thermal insulation. Platon Pallis, Mechanical Engineer, Steam Boilers Laboratory, NTUA
  3. Windows and doors optimal heat transfer, glazing demands and economic efficiency. Nikos Galanis, Dr Mechanical Engineer
  4. Water permeability and hydrothermal behavior of building shell – emergance conditions and techniques of humidity reduction. Apostolos Efthimiadis, Dr Mechanical – Electrical Engineer
  1. Energy Audits Guide: Methodology and applications. Nikos Gonis, Greek GIZ subsidiary
  2. Heating Boilers: Evaluation of seasonal efficiency and condensing boilers. Sotirios Katsimihas, Dr Mechanical Engineer, Chief Executive of Thermogaz SA
  3. Heat Pumps: Evaluation of seasonal efficiency and old cooling / heating equipment optimal replacement applications. Nikos Barbaritsas, Mechanical Engineer, Daikin
  4. Energy Audits Guide: Base line and applications for the evaluation of energy saving. Apostolos Efthimiadis, Dr Mechanical – Electrical Engineer
  5. Application of ISO 50001 on the RAE (Regulatory Authority for Energy) building – techniques and results. Michalis Karageorgas, Dr Mechanical Engineer
  6. Energy Audits Guide: Evaluation of energy saving interventions using life cycle methodology. Alexis Adamopoulos, Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer
  7. Solar heating applications in residential and tertiary sector buildings: techniques and economy. Georgios Andrianos, Electrical Engineer.